Antique French

Armoire (18th Century)

18th c. French Armoire
Ref. No.: 7111-136
Year: circa 1780
Dimensions: 53 1/2" x 22" x 85" h
Price: $6,800

This stunning late-18th-century double-door fruitwood armoire from France has classic fruit-basket carving above the doors and on the apron. The doors have graceful bookended wood grain, the sides are paneled, and the apron and legs are carved. The brass hardware is original, circa 1780. Inside you'll find three shelves and a large drawer. This is a very special piece.

Antique-Pine Corner Hutch

Corner Hutch
Ref. No.: 3001-15
Year: c. 1840
Dimensions: 43 L x 28"D x 86"H
Price: $6,800

This lovely Sussex polished-pine corner cabinet is more than seven feet tall and has a pretty painted interior. From England, circa 1840.

Painted Chimney Cupboard

European Chimney Cupboard
Ref. No.: 7067-28
Year: c. 1880
Dimensions: 31" w x 14" d x 72" h
Price: $2,150

This 19th-century European chimney cupboard is modest charm personified. Six feet tall and 31 inches wide, it offers both great display and great storage. There are three shelves behind the wire-meshed door and two generous drawers below. The paint (a luscious cream outside, a tasteful green inside) is Fowler & Ball.

Antique Georgian

Mahogany Wardrobe

Georgian Mahogany Wardrobe
Ref. No.: 6020-70
Year: c. 1810
Dimensions: 46 "W x 18 1/4"D x 77 1/2"H
Price: $ 4,500

This large Georgian mahogany wardrobe, circa 1810, is the picture of elegant simplicity -- and all original. The tall door on the left opens to a section for hanging pants, dresses and other longer items. The smaller door on the right opens to a section for hanging shirts, blouses, short skirts and the like, with two generous drawers beneath it. There is also one large drawer at the bottom. It will look wonderful in a spacious room, but at just under six and a half feet tall, it can work in smaller spaces or rooms with lower ceilings as well.